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3 Peaks Set

​© 2013 by FireWatergallery

Three Peaks Artwork - Fan
3 Peaks Set (No title)
Scafell Pike Art Print - Detail
Ben Nevis Art Print - Detail
Snowdon Art Print - Blue - Detail
3 Peaks Set

Consisting of Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike, the Three Peaks are the highest summits in Scotland, Wales and England. You have to be brave and fit to climb these grand mountains. Plus, also slightly mad and in possession of a good (fast) driver if you want to complete the epic Three Peak Challenge, when strange souls attempt to climb all three within a 24-hour period. We salute you all, and we hope our new prints will provide a worthy reminder never ever to do anything so exhausting again.

Giclee prints - limited edition of 150 of each size
A1 canvas prints - limited edition of 99

Important Info

  • Standard sizes for easy framing. Please click on the pictures below to see specific information about the different size prints

  • High quality canvas print or archival quality paper (192 gsm) & genuine Epson inks - lasting up to 200 years

  • Hand drawn, digitally coloured then signed, titled & numbered

  • Checked for quality and carefully packaged by hand

  • Fully refundable within 14 days if you're not 100% happy


Who Knew?


Sean McCallion, who broke his neck whilst snowboarding in 2000, became the first person in a wheelchair to scale all three mountains. We just can't even begin to comprehend this...what an accomplishment! 


Click on the picture below to order the relevant size

​© by Firewater Gallery

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