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London Brushed Aluminium Art Map

London Metal Art Map
London Metal Art Map
London Metal Art Map Detail
London Metal Art Map detail

Printed using gallery-quality matt black ink directly onto elegant brushed aluminium, this beautiful piece will serve as a fresh and modern focal point in any room; a true statement piece.


The incredibly intricate hand-drawn map creates a fascinating abstract artwork, whilst reflecting any proud Londoner's personal connection with this amazing city. Plus, did we mention it's really really shiny! 


Important Info

  • Available in 60 x 40cm, and 90 x 60cm sizes.

  • Integrated hanging system for easy & secure wall mounting. No need for framing unless desired.

  • Hand drawn, printed on brushed aluminium.

  • Checked for quality and carefully packaged by hand

  • Fully refundable within 14 days if you're not 100% happy


Who Knew?

If you have a eye for shiny things in London, do a spot of mudlarking and take a stroll along the Thames foreshore at low tide - London's long history means that it's one of the finest archaeological sites in the UK.

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Data from ​© OpenStreetMap has been used to help us produce this map -

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