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Please note that our Bath map is also available in a number of other colours (it's a bit complicated to show them all here!) But please email us at if you woudl like to see it in alternate colour schemes.


Home.  It's where we both grew up (Rich was actually born in Swindon but he generally chooses to forget that fact) and even though neither of us technically live in Bath anymore, it will always be home to us.


We decided to depict Bath's spa heritage (this place has had a hot tub for 2000 years!), using suitably watery colours. This picture contains the centre and its surrounding areas of Widcombe, Newbridge and Weston.  A must-have for any proud Bathonian or any one of the  4.5 million tourists who visit our beautiful city every year (of which 4.4 million are disdainful French teenagers on school trips).


Giclee paper prints are limited editions of 150 of each size.

A1 canvas prints are limited editions of 99 of each size.


Important Info


  • Hand drawn, printed using archival, gallery-quality paper & inks (giclée prints) then signed, titled & numbered by hand.
  • Fully refundable within 14 days if you're not 100% happy.
  • Mounts are acid-free and frames are high quality wooden frames.

  • 8x8", A4 & A3 prints are available as just the print, mounted, or framed (in a mount then a frame). A1 & A2 prints are available as just the print or framed (framed directly in a frame without a mount).

  • The canvas print comes stretched on a box canvas. The framed option comes stretched on a box canvas with a floating frame.

  • We are always reviewing the packaging we use to ensure that it is as eco-friendly as possible. All our packaging is fully recyclable and nearly all of it is biodegradable. For example, we use a specially designed paper wrapping system for our framed prints, and biodegradable cellophane bags for unframed prints. The only plastic packaging we ever use is packaging that we are reusing (e.g bubble wrap that some of our materials came wrapped in).

  • To prevent damage during posting, the glazing on our frames is a high quality styrene/acrylic.


  • In order to keep this print in tip-top condition, we recommend displaying it away from direct sunlight.

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