Shanghai Art Map

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The Pearl of the Orient or Paris of the East, whatever you choose to call Shanghai, you can't deny it is pretty spectacular. 

Regularly chosen to depict futuristic cities in sci-fi epics, this sprawling metropolis has the largest population of any "city proper" in the world. Hopefully we've done it justice in this fiery red, orange and yellow map.

Limited edition of 150 of each size

Important Info

  • Standard sizes for easy framing. Please click on the pictures below to see specific information about the different size prints.

  • Archival quality paper (192 gsm) & genuine Epson inks - lasting up to 200 years

  • Hand drawn, digitally coloured then signed, titled & numbered

  • Checked for quality and carefully packaged by hand

  • Fully refundable within 14 days if you're not 100% happy


Who Knew?

Shanghai is soooo huge that not only does it have more than 5 times the population of New Zealand, but it also has its own language; Shanghainese, which itself has a variety of different dialects. The residents of the outer suburbs of Shanghai use quite different vocabulary and have notably different accents to those in the centre. 

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