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Swansea Art Map

​© 2013 by FireWatergallery

Swansea Art Map - Square.jpg
Swansea Art Map - Close Up.jpg
Swansea Art Map - A3 & A4.jpg
Swansea Art Map - A1 & A2.jpg

Swansea! Such a beautiful name! I always think it sounds like it should be in Lord of the Rings, with frolicking elves and talking birds. In reality you've got a cracking city inhabited by a quarter of a million fun loving Welsh lads and lasses, which on reflection is much more fun. Plus you can visit Dylan Thomas' house, go for a nice stroll on the beach and get a great pint, all on the same morning.


Now, you can celebrate the lovely Swansea with a gorgeous art map to boot. The perfect gift for a Swansea University student or anyone born and bred in this spectacular city...result!

Limited edition of 150 of each size

Important Info

  • Standard sizes for easy framing. Please click on the pictures below to see specific information about the different size prints

  • Archival quality paper (192 gsm) & genuine Epson inks - lasting up to 200 years

  • Hand drawn, digitally coloured then signed, titled & numbered

  • Checked for quality and carefully packaged by hand

  • Fully refundable within 14 days if you're not 100% happy


Who Knew?


The Gower Peninsula near Swansea was the first area in the UK to be awarded the title of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We can certainly see why!

Click on the picture below to order the relevant size

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​© by Firewater Gallery

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